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Use these tips to your advantage! Learn how to maintain garage doors and how to feel safe

Do not drive too close to the garage door before parking

Owning an automatic garage door opener makes drivers forget that they still have to wait for the garage door to become fully open before parking the vehicle. Positioning the vehicle too close to the garage door may cause accidents and damage both objects. Leave enough space between the car and the garage door while it is opening.

Do not let kids play with the garage door

Kids like playing around the house, but there are certain parts of your home where you should not let them play in, and that includes the garage. Our professionals say that garage doors could cause major injuries if not handled properly or played with. Heavy garage doors can easily break arms or legs and other parts of the body.

Keeping the garage door opener noiseless

Our specialists keep pointing out that screeching sound generated by the garage door during opening or closing is caused due to improper functioning of the garage door opener, which supports the movement of the panels across the tracks. Use of anti-vibration pads can help keep the doors silent.

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